How Much Does Payroll Outsourcing Cost in Akron, OH?

If you’re a business owner in Akron, Ohio, considering payroll outsourcing, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of payroll outsourcing costs in Akron, OH. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business journey, understanding the costs and benefits of outsourcing payroll is crucial to making informed decisions.

Factors Influencing Payroll Outsourcing Costs

Business Size

The size of your business plays a significant role in determining the cost of payroll outsourcing. Smaller businesses generally pay less than larger enterprises. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Small Businesses (1-50 employees): Payroll outsourcing for small businesses in Akron, Ohio, can range from $1,000 to $2,000 per month.
  • Medium-Sized Businesses (51-500 employees): The cost increases for medium-sized businesses, with monthly fees ranging from $2,000 to $3,000.
  • Large Enterprises (500+ employees): Large enterprises with complex payroll needs can expect to pay between $3,000 and $3,500 per month.

Complexity of Payroll

The complexity of your payroll needs also affects the cost. If your payroll involves intricate calculations, multiple deductions, or compliance with special regulations, you may incur higher expenses. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Standard Payroll: Basic payroll processing, involving regular salary payments and standard deductions, falls in the lower cost range.
  • Complex Payroll: If your payroll includes bonuses, commissions, overtime calculations, or compliance with specific industry regulations, costs can increase by 20-30%.

Service Provider Options

Different outsourcing companies in Akron offer varying pricing structures. Some charge a flat fee, while others may bill based on the number of employees or payrolls processed. Let’s explore these options:

  • Flat Fee Providers: Some companies charge a fixed monthly fee for their services, which can range from $1,000 to $3,000.
  • Per Employee Billing: Other providers may charge on a per-employee basis, with rates varying from $10 to $25 per employee per payroll run.
  • Payroll Frequency: The frequency of payroll processing also affects costs. Monthly processing tends to be cheaper than bi-weekly or weekly.

Additional Services

Aside from basic payroll processing, many outsourcing providers in Akron offer additional services, such as HR support, time and attendance tracking, and benefits administration. These services can add to the overall cost but provide valuable benefits:

  • HR Support: Expect to pay an extra $200 to $500 per month for HR support services.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking: This service can cost an additional $100 to $300 per month.
  • Benefits Administration: Depending on the complexity of benefits management, costs can range from $50 to $200 per month.

Average Cost of Outsourcing Payroll in Akron, OH

Now, let’s delve into the average costs of outsourcing payroll in Akron, Ohio, for different business sizes:

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

For small to medium-sized businesses with straightforward payroll needs, the average cost ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per month. These costs typically cover standard payroll processing, tax filings, and basic support.

Benefits for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses:

  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing payroll eliminates the need for in-house staff, saving money on salaries and benefits.
  • Time Efficiency: Focus on core business operations while payroll experts handle the administrative work.
  • Accuracy and Compliance: Ensure that payroll is accurate and compliant with local and federal tax regulations.
  • Scalability: Easily adjust payroll services to accommodate business growth or changes in employee numbers.
  • Peace of Mind: Reduce the risk of errors and penalties associated with payroll processing.

Larger Enterprises

For larger enterprises with complex payroll requirements, the cost can be higher. Complex payroll calculations, numerous deductions, and additional services contribute to the increased expenses.

Benefits for Larger Enterprises:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Access to a full suite of payroll services, including complex calculations and reporting.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure compliance with intricate federal and state tax laws.
  • Customization: Tailor services to your unique needs, including HR support and benefits administration.
  • Detailed Reporting: Receive in-depth reports and analytics for better decision-making.
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Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

Now that we’ve covered the costs, let’s explore the numerous benefits of outsourcing your payroll:

Cost Savings

Outsourcing payroll can result in substantial cost savings for businesses in Akron, Ohio. Here’s how:

  • Reduced Overhead: Eliminate the need for in-house payroll staff, saving on salaries, benefits, and office space.
  • Software and Technology: Avoid the costs of purchasing and maintaining payroll software and technology.
  • Compliance Costs: Reduce the risk of costly tax penalties and legal issues due to payroll errors.

Time Efficiency

Outsourcing payroll frees up valuable time for business owners and HR teams. You can:

  • Focus on Core Operations: Spend more time growing your business and less on administrative tasks.
  • Streamlined Processes: Enjoy faster and more efficient payroll processing, reducing time and effort.

Accuracy and Compliance

Payroll outsourcing ensures accuracy and compliance in various ways:

  • Expertise: Benefit from the expertise of professionals who stay up-to-date with tax regulations.
  • Error Reduction: Minimize errors and discrepancies in payroll calculations and tax filings.
  • Audit Preparedness: Be ready for audits with organized and accurate payroll records.


One of the significant advantages of outsourcing is scalability:

  • Easy Adjustments: Adapt payroll services as your business grows or changes in size.
  • Seasonal Flexibility: Scale up or down during peak seasons or slow periods without hiring or laying off staff.
  • Cost Control: Maintain control over your payroll costs by customizing services to your needs.

Peace of Mind

Outsourcing payroll provides peace of mind by mitigating risks:

  • Error Prevention: Reduce the risk of payroll errors that can lead to disgruntled employees and legal troubles.
  • Compliance Assurance: Stay compliant with complex tax laws and regulations, avoiding penalties.
  • Data Security: Rely on secure systems and protocols to protect sensitive employee data.
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Selecting the Right Payroll Outsourcing Provider

Now that you have a solid understanding of payroll outsourcing costs, benefits, and potential objections, the next critical step in your journey is selecting the right outsourcing provider for your business in Akron, Ohio. This decision can significantly impact your payroll operations and overall business efficiency. Let’s delve into how to choose the best provider.

Define Your Needs and Objectives

Before you start evaluating potential providers, it’s crucial to define your specific needs and objectives. Take the following steps:

  1. Assess Your Payroll Complexity: Understand the intricacies of your payroll, including tax considerations, deductions, and compliance requirements.
  2. Identify Additional Services: Determine whether you require HR support, benefits administration, or time and attendance tracking.
  3. Set a Budget: Establish a clear budget for outsourcing your payroll services. Consider both short-term and long-term costs.

Research Potential Providers

Once you have a clear picture of your requirements, it’s time to research potential outsourcing providers in Akron, Ohio. Here are some effective ways to identify and evaluate providers:

  1. Seek Recommendations: Ask fellow business owners or industry colleagues for recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals can provide valuable insights.
  2. Online Search: Conduct an online search and explore the websites of potential providers. Look for client reviews, case studies, and testimonials.
  3. Industry Associations: Check if the provider is affiliated with relevant industry associations or has certifications that demonstrate their expertise.
  4. Consultations: Reach out to multiple providers to schedule consultations. This allows you to ask questions and gauge their responsiveness.
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Payroll Outsourcing Case Studies in Akron, OH

Case Study 1: Small Business – Akron Tech Solutions

Business Profile:

  • Business Size: 20 employees
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Payroll Complexity: Standard payroll with monthly processing

Challenges: Akron Tech Solutions, a small IT company, faced the challenge of managing payroll in-house. With limited resources, they struggled to keep up with payroll processing, tax filings, and compliance.

Solution: Akron Tech Solutions decided to outsource their payroll to a local provider specializing in small businesses. The provider offered the following services:

  • Basic payroll processing
  • Tax calculations and filings
  • Direct deposit and pay stubs
  • Compliance with Ohio tax regulations

Results: By outsourcing their payroll, Akron Tech Solutions experienced significant benefits:

  • Cost Savings: They saved approximately 30% of their previous payroll-related costs, including salaries and software expenses.
  • Time Efficiency: The business owner and HR team could focus on core operations, leading to increased productivity.
  • Accuracy and Compliance: Payroll errors decreased, and they had peace of mind knowing they were compliant with tax laws.

Case Study 2: Medium-Sized Business – Akron Manufacturing Co.

Business Profile:

  • Business Size: 250 employees
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Payroll Complexity: Complex payroll with various deductions and overtime calculations

Challenges: Akron Manufacturing Co. faced payroll challenges due to its size and complexity. Their in-house payroll team struggled to manage complex calculations, overtime tracking, and compliance.

Solution: The company decided to partner with a reputable payroll outsourcing provider that specialized in medium-sized businesses. The provider offered the following services:

  • Comprehensive payroll processing
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • HR support and compliance management
  • Benefits administration

Results: Outsourcing payroll brought significant advantages to Akron Manufacturing Co.:

  • Cost-Effective: The provider’s services were cost-effective compared to maintaining a large in-house payroll team.
  • Scalability: The company could easily adapt payroll services during peak manufacturing seasons.
  • Compliance Assurance: With experts managing compliance, they reduced the risk of penalties.

Case Study 3: Large Enterprise – Akron Healthcare Group

Business Profile:

  • Business Size: 1,200 employees
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Payroll Complexity: Highly complex payroll with various shifts, bonuses, and healthcare benefits

Challenges: Akron Healthcare Group, a large healthcare provider, faced immense complexity in managing payroll for its vast workforce. Accurate calculations, compliance, and benefits administration were top concerns.

Solution: The healthcare group opted for a well-established national payroll outsourcing provider with extensive experience in handling large enterprises. The provider offered the following services:

  • Customized payroll solutions
  • Comprehensive benefits administration
  • Advanced time and attendance tracking
  • Compliance with healthcare industry regulations

Results: Outsourcing payroll had a transformative impact on Akron Healthcare Group:

  • Customization: The provider tailored payroll solutions to the healthcare group’s specific needs, ensuring precise calculations.
  • Compliance Excellence: The healthcare provider maintained rigorous compliance with healthcare industry regulations, avoiding costly penalties.
  • Data Security: Sensitive healthcare data remained secure, and the provider adhered to stringent data protection standards.

Akron’s Business Landscape and the Future of Payroll Processing

Akron, Ohio, known for its iconic rubber industry history, has evolved into a diverse business hub. With the city’s growing entrepreneurship and innovation, modern businesses are seeking agile solutions to navigate the dynamic business landscape. The iconic Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company’s presence remains a testament to Akron’s industrial heritage.

In this evolving landscape, modern payroll services are adapting to meet the changing needs of businesses, providing customized solutions and advanced technology to streamline payroll processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance with evolving tax and labor regulations. As Akron continues to embrace innovation and growth, payroll processing services are poised to play a pivotal role in supporting local businesses on their journey towards success.

In conclusion, understanding the cost of payroll outsourcing in Akron, Ohio, is essential for businesses of all sizes. By considering factors such as business size, complexity, service provider options, and additional services, you can make informed decisions that align with your budget and needs.


1. Is it cheaper to do payroll in-house or outsource?

  • It depends on your business size, industry, and specific needs.

2. Can I negotiate my payroll outsourcing costs?

  • Yes, negotiation is often possible.

3. What are some hidden costs in payroll outsourcing?

  • Potential hidden costs include setup fees, year-end processing fees, and amendment fees.

4. What are some ways to save on payroll outsourcing costs?

  • Bundling services, negotiating, and comparison shopping can all help save on costs.

5. What factors affect the cost of payroll outsourcing?

  • The number of employees, the pay cycle, and any additional services can all affect the cost.

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