SurePayroll Software Review  – Pros and Cons

SurePayroll Payroll Software


SurePayroll was founded in 2000 and is one of the pioneers in online payroll services, with its headquarters in Glenview, Illinois. The company’s main goal from inception was to develop a simple, convenient, and cost-effective payroll solution for small businesses. It has certainly lived up to this aim, offering a plethora of features to simplify the payroll process. Acquired by Paychex in 2011, SurePayroll has continued to innovate in the space and remains a strong player in the payroll services industry.


SurePayroll provides a broad range of services, making it an effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Its primary offering is its payroll services, which include automatic payroll tax calculation, filing, and payment. This ensures that your business stays compliant with tax laws without the need for manual intervention.

The software also supports multiple payroll schedules (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), offers direct deposit and printable check options, and provides comprehensive payroll reports. In addition to these, SurePayroll provides an online portal and mobile app for easy access.

Additionally, SurePayroll offers HR resources, 401(k) plan administration, health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and more. These added features make it more than just a payroll software, but an integrated solution for managing HR tasks.

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  1. Ease of use: SurePayroll’s platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making the payroll process simple and efficient.
  2. Compliance: The software handles all tax-related tasks, keeping your business compliant with federal, state, and local laws.
  3. Flexible Payroll Processing: SurePayroll supports multiple payroll schedules and offers options for payment methods, providing flexibility to businesses.
  4. Customer Service: SurePayroll offers excellent customer service, with their team available six days a week via phone, email, or online chat.
  5. Integrated HR services: Beyond payroll, SurePayroll offers a suite of HR services and resources, making it a comprehensive solution for business needs.


  1. Price: Compared to some other payroll service providers, SurePayroll can be a bit expensive, especially for very small businesses.
  2. Limited Customization: The software’s customization options are limited. For businesses with unique payroll needs, this might pose a challenge.
  3. Interface: While the platform is user-friendly, it is not the most modern or aesthetically pleasing.


Based off of our research, SurePayroll’s pricing starts at $29.99 per month plus $4 per employee, but you can get an exact price for your company by getting a quote.

In conclusion, SurePayroll is a solid payroll software solution. It provides a comprehensive suite of services that go beyond just payroll, making it a great choice for businesses looking for a multifunctional tool. Its excellent customer service and ease of use make it a top choice in the industry. However, its price and limited customization options may not suit all businesses.

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